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Launch games from your store

Lower fees, faster onboarding, and a game store operated by you, designed by you.

Familiar store interface

Gamers seamless onboard to a battle tested store and launcher for your games

Avoid the crowd

Launchers are the most important part of a user's journey to your game. Own every step of the user journey.

Your store, your rules

Your brand throughout. With plugins you can unlock unique store experiences for your gamers. Nothing is off limits.
Advanced features

Built on a modern tech stack

Leaderboards, friends, chat, clips and more

Everything you expect from a modern game launcher with integrated native social features and leaderboard. Full Web3 support if you want it.

Lightweight SDK for Unity and Unreal

Games can easily connect to your store with the tools they already use.

Plugins for completely custom experiences

Have a feature unique to your community? Build out a native feeling experience in our store using plugins.

Software feature

"Running a store allows you to interface directly with your gamers"

Ross Krasner
CEO @Ryu Games
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What sets us apart

Simple for casual gamers, feature rich for even the most hardcore gamer.

Gorgeous design

Meticulously iterated on achieve a smooth gaming experience

Fully customizable

Your store, your rules. Everything you want in a store you can now have.

Developer focused

Analytics, easy uploading, advanced testing mechanics and more.